How To Choose a Perfect Pregnancy Pillow?

Are you pregnant? If so I hope this article will help you choose your nursing pillow (and not only breastfeeding).

I would like to introduce different types of cushions so you can choose the one that most closely matches the need of each.


As I said, the nursing pillow itself was invented in the beginning to help the mother to breastfeed the baby and allows placing the baby in a comfortable position when giving a bottle. But part has many more utilities.

Forms nursing pillow

Mainly there are two ways nursing pillow: a horseshoe and another kind of elongated pillow.


The first nursing pillow shaped like a horseshoe does not occupy much space, it is perfect to place around your waist, and it fits perfectly to the body so we can put the baby at a suitable height to breastfeed comfortably. It’s usually, is filled with little balls (microbeads) or foam. Also on the market breastfeeding pads incorporating a vibrator that is introduced into the cushion and serves to calm the baby.


Practically most nursing pads are removable and machine washable covers.

It also has another interesting utility: when the small and has a few months and try to sit can use, thanks to its shape, to help secured sitting, serving him support.

The second pillow type has many utilities for its ergonomics: in pregnancy, during lactation, to get comfortable family when lounging on the couch … .in short, I think super convenient.

Usually, it composed of thousands of micro-pearls that allow your body to adapt comfortably according to the chosen position. You can use both lying and sitting, and help correct poor posture and discomfort when resting during pregnancy. I was searching for a good resource which has reviews of best pregnancy pillows and I found this site here –

Provides comfort when breastfeeding, you can adapt different positions, you can put it to support your back and place the baby in addition to the position and desired height.

Like the previous model, most are removable and washable covers. You can even change and additionally buy other to combine with different rooms of the house because as I told dad, you can also do well to watch TV comfortably.

Multi-feeding cushion:


The model nursing pillow Jané part of its good quality comes additionally including a cover that once placed on the nursing pillow, it will serve as a hammock for our sins.

We after pregnancy and lactation we continue using our nursing pillow daily as a supplement over the house for the whole family. I hope you help when choosing one.

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